Some questions for humans

Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions.-G.K. Chesterton

I have a few questions for you.  Yes, you, dear fellow human.  This won’t take long.

Do you trust someone you know is trying to hide something from you?

Really think about it.  If you know they have lied to others and you know they are lying to you, do you still trust them?

Do you trust them more or less when the thing they are trying to hide from you is something they want you to put inside your body?

The one who has lied to you before wants you to put this something in your body two to five times a day.

How do you feel about that person being patronizing, condescending, calling you names, and telling people you are an idiot for not trusting them?

It almost seems pointless to mention that the one hiding things from you is a convicted killer.  (1) (2)

I’m just wondering.

That would be a terrible situation, wouldn’t it?

So what are you eating?

If you don’t want to think about this further or dislike my more blunt writing, don’t read this.

An Open Letter to the Synthetic Ag Lobby

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Love from the farm, Katy

4 thoughts on “Some questions for humans

  1. And maybe we should question the sandwich maker that claims to use chicken that is not raised with antibiotics. The poop from those chickens would test positive for glyphosate (a patented antibiotic) but they are getting it from the soy they consume so its a legal claim.


  2. Hmmmm, a patented antibiotic huh? I highly doubt that results would be favorable if you drank some next time you had an infection. However, If it is an antibiotic of any kind and people are eating the soy and corn fed meat, they are constantly being contaminated with unwanted antibiotics that sterilize their guts of needed beneficail bacteria. That would certianly explain the epidemic levels of leaky gut syndrome in children, and the rise of super “bugs” that are resistant to antibiotics when they are needed.


  3. This is why I vote with the Green Party here in the UK, even though the synthetic agriculture lobby isn’t as bad as in the US.
    In time it will be as bad because of the ways it’s *ahem* “working” on the other side of the pond.
    While I will accept that some forms of synthetic agriculture *can* be good, the vast majority of it is not.
    I’m talking about disease control and things like that.

    But this all seems down to money in politics and poor education for politicians who make decisions. They don’t know what they are talking about… And why should they? They are not all scientists!


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