A Letter to Our Lawmakers

Dear Representatives,

Let’s talk about food and your role in the market for a moment.

Has it occurred to you that by subsidizing dent corn and soy instead of actual food, you are responsible for socially engineering one of the worst diets on the planet, the resulting illness and a healthcare system that is crippled and not financially viable despite some of the best technology in the world?  

Listen, I get that you can’t be experts in everything and that you are subject to the same propaganda and misconceptions as your constituents.  I get that we are already so far down this unsustainable agricultural path, so invested and bought in, that changing to a more practical paradigm is easy to dismiss out of hand.  I know that most of the voters believe this system is the only way.  But we can’t keep going.  

The argument that this is all a matter of national security seems patriotic but it doesn’t matter how safe we are from external threat when you do nothing about the internal failures that are making us sick.  Where are we going to get our service men and women when all our youth have metabolic syndrome?  

Farmers would grow food if you didn’t stack the deck against it by paying them not to do so.  Large, industrial farms, now so heavily invested in this system, can no longer respond to the market, even where people have opted out of your social tinkering.  So you do economic back flips creating market for what you subsidize.  You wave the false flag of supporting farmers at election time.  What if they could see through your faux patriotism to the puppet you have become for the propaganda machines?  

More people would eat real food if you hadn’t created a false food market, tinkering with supply and endorsing lies for money and international power.

We know you are busy and don’t have time to fact check.  We know you have money to raise or you will lose your job.  But pause and think, for just a minute, about those who supply you with information.  You are not absolved of responsibility.  

We are repulsed by those of you who are in bed with chem-ag and then hold up the welfare of children as an excuse for anything, ever.  How revoltingly self-serving and disingenuous.  

In fact, an apparently surprising number of us are literate.  We can do math.  The claim about needing this system to feed the world is an absurd scam and it is crumbling under you.

You have destroyed the true demand supply relationship by crawling into bed with industry.  Throwing bones to the produce growers here and there is insulting and doing little to meet the growing demand you work so hard to suppress.  

If you are going to manipulate the food supply, the least you could do is take human health into account.

Very sincerely,

A voter



When was the last time you contacted your representatives?  Seriously.  We are all to blame for what they get away with.  We let them convince us that dent corn and soy were somehow a good thing to grow instead of food.  So we let around 25% of it rot, we turn it into corn syrup and other highly processed garbage, we feed it to animals who shouldn’t eat it and we dump it on poor areas of the world instead of helping them to farm, effectively keeping them poor and malnourished.  Bravo, us.  Good thing we are forced to pay for that.

A call or note means far more than a single vote and takes less time and effort.  It tells them that there are people paying attention to an issue.  Have you noticed our disgusting food system is not being discussed by those running for POTUS?  They don’t think you care and they would rather we didn’t.  They don’t want you to bother them about all of this.  

I get tired of the ignorant and the self serving patting me on the head and telling me to let them handle things.

Here is the website to find your rep’s contact info:


And while we are at it, here is the site to find other elected officials:


Email them this letter if you want.  I did.  Just sign your own name.  Tone it up or down as you please.  The first draft contained the words “filthy paws.”

You remain ultimately responsible for what you eat and part of that means lobbying for a better food system.




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