Things Country People Understand

Why does no one speak of the cultural advantages of the country? For example, is a well groomed, ecologically kept, sustainably fertile farm any less cultural, any less artful, than paintings of fat angels on church ceilings?-Gene  Logsdon

In the spirit of celebrating our differences, here is a short list of things our friends in the urban areas may not understand:

Relief when you realize the blood is from a human and not an animal


Having no idea where your bruises came from

“Going to town” takes time and planning

“Clean” is relative and whatever I was doing to get this dirty is more important than your opinions


Most of the time, ingesting an insect is not worthy of comment

“Did it getcha?” and “How many of them got you?” are inquiries after your health and, usually, attempts to find out if the work is going to continue or needs to be interrupted

Neighbors can live several miles away  

The coop gets locked up at night, not the house

You can spend as long as you want stopped on the road talking to someone as long as you get out of the way when someone drives up and needs to get around you

We notice strangers on our roads

We holler or yell across the farm.  We do not walk across 20 acres every time we need to communicate

Everyone can pee outside

Dogs out here have jobs


Kids out here have jobs


We are, very literally, our neighbors’ keepers

Well water tastes better (unless it is full of sulfur)

 Weekends are for work, too

Like people, insects, snakes, and wild animals can be good or bad

Kicking tires is a social activity, usually engaged in by men in denim and has nothing to do with kicking tires

Outside is just another part of our living space

If I can get there without driving on a paved road, it is in my neighborhood

Hats are utilitarian, not a fashion statement

Trucks look funny clean


Love from the farm

Happy eating,


6 thoughts on “Things Country People Understand

  1. Manure happens regularly on a farm and enriches everything. A dog barking is a security alarm, not an irritant.. Stars shine brightest in the night sky, not on TV. A bonfire makes neighbors, friends. If you listen, trees will whisper peace.

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  2. OK. I grew up in a big city and now live in a semi rural area.

    Yes… The stars are brighter… People here do less shouting and will actively shush you when you are shouty. Road markings are only guides…. Not rules.

    We also have a HUGE rural theft problem. Farms in this country are regularly targeted by burglars, thieves and general nuisance people.
    Ok… It’s Scottish, but its the same here too

    Basically your rural is not our rural. I wish ours was more like yours. *sigh*

    But I get you on being clean (It’s a myth), random bruisings… Also random cuts, I stop wondering where I get them. I think I must be a magnet or something. Seriously, I have a 2 inch cut just above my ankle… Damned if I know where I got it. >.>
    Sometimes I wonder if I should dress in red to save others panicking all the time.

    And is ‘Kicking tyres’ when blokes stand around a vehicle talking, drinking and catching up/spending time with friends?

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    • The crime makes me sad. This country is huge so I’m sure we have areas like that as well. In fact, when we lived in Northern Virginia things were very different. Yes, that’s exactly what kicking tires means:) I knew this would be a very US specific post so take my less international observations with a grain of salt. I love that I have primary audiences is on 3 continents but I can’t always speak to such a broad range of experience. Thanks for the expounding comments! I love learning through them!

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      • Yeah. We have a huge rural crime problem. One that is very difficult to keep up with. B-(

        Hey, I love learning about what its like in different places. Its also nice to see that some of the things we used to see on TV are actually true! B-)

        We have ‘kicking tyres’ over here too. Guys will pop the bonnet of their cars and get their friends over simply to spend time and have a drink. Rarely does any work on the car actually happen. Its an excuse to get the guys over. B-)

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