So, How do You Use Microgreens? A primer for normal people.

These little powerhouses are turning up in better markets and kitchens around the country.  Should they show up in yours?  Yes!  We are very blessed to have access to microgreens where we live so I don’t have to grow them myself (thank the Lord, I’m growing enough).  We have learned so many ways to use them and now everyone notices and complains to mom when we are out.

But what are microgreens?  

Microgreens are basically baby plants.  It is really that simple.  If you’ve had or even heard of sprouts, imagine they get just a little bigger and then have the roots and little seed bits nipped off.  Tah dah!  Microgreens.  And, I’m happy to report, they are really, really good for you.  This post on Heal With Food does a nice job of pulling some studies together if you’d like to look into it.  I’m guessing you don’t need me harping at you about eating veggies if you are still reading this so I’ll move on.

So, is this one of those food trends that only belongs to women in little, tiny yoga pants and in green drinks in the cup holders of large, clean SUVs?  

No, this is for all of us.  

Although great in a green drink, microgreens are versatile enough for pizza, too.  They are milder than more mature plants so many kids find them less of an offense.  Good news for those dragging a kicking and screaming family to a healthier life, yes?

So, instead of telling you what the better magazines would do with these little powerhouses, I’ve kept track of what we have actually done with them recently so I could share with you.


This is so obvious it is almost painful to catalog but we toss them in or on every salad, which is to say, I get them daily in this form alone.  

Our favorite this month was tossing pea microgreens in a salad of romaine, onion greens, sweet peas, hemp hearts, homemade mayo, and diced apples.  I shared it at a baby shower and everyone raved so there you go.

We also like to toss broccoli microgreens, sesame seeds, red onion, golden raisins, a salad green mix, and a dressing that is 1 part EVOO and one part apple cider together.

Stir Fry

Add broccoli, radish or Tatsoi microgreens to stir fry after you remove it from the heat.  

Spring or Egg Rolls

We use microgreens of any type in spring rolls.  If you haven’t made your own, you’ll be shocked by how easy it is.  The same goes for egg rolls.  Cut up some veggies, get your wraps out and make an assembly line.  Sauces vary and can be purchased or easily made.  Find a recipe and just add the microgreens.  


Every savory sandwich benefits from a bunch of these little green pick-me-ups.  Beef or bean, lunch meat or portobello, even my big, tough, omnivore husband wants them in his lunch sandwich.  I eat peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches on the road and they stand up well in those.

Taco Night

I am not a big Mexican food eater but everyone in our house likes to put whatever microgreens are handy on their tacos, including me.  


Omelettes are a thing around here.  We have hens and a huge garden so any meal in a pinch is likely to be an omelette.  Microgreens have become a staple.  I like mine fresh and added at the end, one of my kids likes them wilted and cooked with the other veggies.


Just put them on everything.  Serving soup?  Add them as a garnish.  Avocado on toast?  Put some microgreens on that bad boy.  Salmon cakes?  Roasted veggies?  Paella?  You see where I am going with this.  


Mushrooms and broccoli microgreens waiting for the omelette pan

So there you have the list of how we have eaten microgreens recently.  It doesn’t sound difficult or complicated because it isn’t.  You can grow them at home if they aren’t available yet in your area.  


Love from the farm

Happy eating,


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