Friday Thoughts


It’s sad that a parent is shamed for not feeding this^ to their kids,


but, feeding them this^ makes that parent a counter-cultural extremist.

We tell our kids not to go along thoughtlessly with the pack but they see that most adults only seek information that confirms their own beliefs.  

They see it and they get the real lesson: Don’t jump off a bridge because your friends do it, but I’m going to jump when my friends do.  

Or: If you want to jump, get some other people who agree with you, after all, you only need information that confirms what you want to believe.

So the world is a screwed up mess.  It always has been and it helps to remember that in dark days.

But there is hope.

Population growth has slowed with increased education for women globally.

Globalization has it’s downsides but it has spotlighted problems and then enabled the mobilization of individuals and resources on this planet to those in need in a way that could have never happened in the past.

Our kids learn more in science class than was even known 100 years ago.

We don’t have to take people’s word for things because we can check the sources in the palm of our hands.

Don’t give up.

Counter culture.

Be subversive.

Don’t defend the indefensible.

Don’t give your allegiance to something unworthy of it.

Be a spark in the dark.



Love from the farm

Happy eating, Katy

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