Things I Adore

I went into the Hobby Lobby the other day (I call it THE Hobby Lobby because everything has become THE when I talk) and, of course, they are months into Christmas decorations already.  My seven-year-old son sagely noted that they only take them down for a month to dust them.  

So, I guess the fact that I am a lousy gift giver is about to be on display again.  I try.  

I had to ask a dear friend to tell me what to get my own son for his 7th birthday.  I had no idea.

I do have things I love.  I’m not Oprah and they aren’t all giftable but I have my favorite things list.  It’s mostly things that make life easier, funnier, and tastier and I want to share them with you because I think life should be easier, funnier, and tastier for you, as well.

Cooking videos

I’ve only given in and made one “cooking video” on the FB page for this site and here is why: You Suck at Cooking.  It’s not an observation, it’s the name of a YouTube channel that is informative and hilarious and I don’t need to spend my time trying to do what he has already done.  It’s not all plant-based but some of it is.  It’s not for young kids just because of language and they won’t get most of the jokes anyway.

Check out 5 Easy Breakfasts, Cold Brew, and Modified Mac and Cheese to sample these quick little gems.

Gourmet Food Source

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Zingermans is always perfect, for any occasion and that includes sitting in your PJ’s for your annual Monty Python or Gilmore Girls viewing.  Send anything from the catalog to anyone for whatever occasion and you are safe.  Work your way through everything they sell yourself because YUM.  They do more than their due diligence and you can be sure everything they sell is what it purports to be and of the highest quality.  If you are like me, you’ll need to do an item or two at a time because many good things cost money.  That, incidentally, is not a phrase I have ever seen on a refrigerator magnet but it’s true.


I really don’t know how I got through anything boring or repetitive prior to podcasts.  Judge all you want.  I’ll wait.

There are so many outstanding podcasts out there for every taste, if you haven’t yet made your foray into this medium, do so now.  Apple has it’s own store for them and for the rest of us, there are apps like Stitcher.

Here is my list of favorite food and ag related podcasts:

The Joe Gardener Show

Put a Fork In It

The Sustainability Podcast

Female Farmer Project

Rootstock Radio

Farm to Table Talk

The Sporkful


Farmer to Farmer

The Farm Report

Take Out With Ashley and Robyn

Healthy Living

The Permaculture Podcast

And this is just the list directly related to food.  

While I don’t agree with everything said on all of these, it’s good to get an idea of what is being discussed and who is doing the talking in the food world.  


I know, I’m always recommending books but that is only because books are the best things ever.  Okay, they are up there with children, animals and great food.  They get their own post.

Garden Tools

Lousy garden tools should be a crime and we are really hard on them.  My current favorite are made by Hoss.

Food Reporting

There are some amazing reporters out there keeping up with all things food and ag.  Check out these resources to be informed.

Food Tank

Civil Eats

US Right to Know

The New Food Economy

Organic Tees

Without the lecture about conventional cotton or slave labor, check out the v-neck tee’s from Pact.  I adore them.  They feel great and they last.

Stretchy Pants

While I’m on the subject of great clothing: stretchy pants.

Duluth Trading Co isn’t only Buck Naked Underwear.  They make a great pair of pants called NoGa.  Get them in Capri or full length.  They feel like a yoga pant but are more durable and have handy hidden pockets.  And you can wear them in public without actually being in yoga pants in public.  I’m in love.  

Oh, and they sell stuff for the men, too.

Best Sports Bra

Let’s just go ahead and round out this outfit.  I am very picky and do not care to work or ride (or mow the yard or do yoga or race my son) without my favorite sports bra.  I’m sure, like all clothing, there is a lot of personal preference to take into account but check out Threads For Thought.  I think we should all have 4 of the Vivian.  


Raise your hand if you’re surprised I didn’t start with this category.

My heart belongs to Old Crown Roasters in Indiana.  Everywhere we have lived, we have ordered their coffee and had it shipped to us.  It is our favorite thing and everyone who tries it agrees.  I wish I could send you some but alas, as previously mentioned, I am not Oprah.  You can experience the magic yourself via mail order.

The dark roasts aren’t burnt and it’s incredible. When my mister offered some 9th Degree to colleagues from France and Italy, they declined because American coffee is generally terrible. Once they gave in, they became fans and recanted their criticism.  This stuff has that kind of power.  

Tah dah!

Now I want to know your favorite things.

And I’m off to get the voice of Julie Andrews singing Favorite Things out of my head.  Maybe I’ll listen to a podcast.


Love from the farm

Happy eating, Katy



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