Fall Around Here


Fall started with a hurricane.  Our damage was minor.  We had power within a week.


Hurricanes are like long, slow tornadoes.  They are loud and the sound gets really old after an hour or 10.  These two didn’t care.


All four rows of okra were flattened but they are still not all dry.


Some things came right back.  We saved some flowers from our fall garden burn.



The sun hemp, before and after.


Fall fungus

Molting chickens look sick.  But, oh, they are so regal when they have feathers.


Our first loaf of sourdough spelt turned out wonderful, thanks to our awesome neighbors.


We hung out with the pigs and goats at GA Country Clover.  Pigs like to nibble my boots.

Some horrible human dropped this little sweetheart in the forest to die.  He got to our porch before he was completely starved, rotted and eaten to death from both the inside and outside.  Fix your animals.  We are fostering him until we find a forever family.


Also, I have finally walked/ridden through a pair of Mucks.  It took 10 years.

I got to go on a lunch date with these two charmers in the run up to our local farm-to-fork event.


It got really cold but I have a hat with a pony tail hole and that’s cool.


Love from the farm

Happy eating, Katy


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