Moving is such a mixed bag.  

I’ve done it a lot.  My daughter moved to her third state before her third birthday and now, after seven years in the same place (the longest stop in my adult life) she moves with us to her fourth.  Her little brother moved twice before turning one.

There’s the fresh start I keep focusing on, and the closer proximity to two of my close friends.  There’s the fact that the soil ph in our new area is more amenable to the foods l like to grow.

I’m focusing on these things.  Not winter, not the cost, not what we are leaving behind.

I have tried to be someone who fears change.  That sounds bizarre . I didn’t know that’s what I was doing at the time, always wasting energy trying to keep things the same.  Now it seems unnatural.

Life is made of change. We can only delude ourselves that it’s otherwise.  Our very cells change.

With the hand I was dealt, change is usually for the better.  My place is to stack every deck I can reach to make change a general positive for everyone.  I’ve never found anything that can’t be improved including myself and excepting Alon Shaya’s cooking.

Death is change but it’s a wash.  Sad for those left behind, happy for those who have left.  I still cry over my animals but I know they aren’t crying.

Happiness is both choice and fleeting, so to say you experience it now and you won’t if anything changes doesn’t make sense.

I digress.

Moving means change.

So, new house, new farm, new soil composition, flora and fauna…new schools, people, work, food sources, climate, accents, social norms…new yard to mow, new fences to fix, new hay to source, new coop for the chickens, new gardens to establish, new landscaping, new grocery isles, new farm market, new farmers, coffee shop, new neighbors, new churches, new teachers, new colleagues, new boards…new place to get the vehicles worked on, the mower fixed, new barber, pediatrician, doctors, chiropractor, dentists, veterinarians,…new voter registration, license plates, driver’s licenses, babysitters…again.

Same sun, same moon.

I love to remember that I’m under the same sky as my people far away.  

I can remember that anywhere.


Love from the farm, for a little longer

Happy eating,  Katy

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