A Thought About New Year’s Resolutions

What motivates you? Is it guilt? Is it routine, approval, a checklist, avoidance of pain, or hope of a reward?

I think about this regularly. I’m driven by a number of pressures, some more than others.

I take care of living things out of empathy and a sense of responsibility. I don’t get out of bed in the morning because it feels good or I’m happy to do it. I get out of bed for others.

I eat well because of self respect, hedonism, and pain avoidance.

I don’t generally respond well to reward. It makes me want to rebel. The same goes for social or cultural pressure. I’ve grown to resent those things.

Many of us don’t understand ourselves as well as advertisers and political operatives understand us.

When I craft a message or work on a communications campaign, I study the intended audience to see what drives and motivates them.

What do you want to accomplish? What are your goals? Do you need to change something?

I do. I suspect we all have things we want to change. What stops us?

Maybe, just this one New Year, we should focus on understanding what motivates us to change and what we let derail us.

Maybe, hear me out, we need to be more self aware before we make another resolution.


Love from the farm

Happy eating, Katy

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